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Preparing for Tax Season With Mark Burns, CFP®, CIMA® and Sarah Zvekan

Tax season is on the horizon once again but, if you think about taxes all year round it doesn’t have to be such a burden at this particular time of year.

In this episode, David Vallieres speaks with Mark Burns, CFP®, CIMA®, chief executive officer and investment officer and Sarah Zvekan financial advisor at Synergy Capital Solutions. They discuss how to prepare for tax season, creating retirement plans that clients can be excited about, and the importance of investment planning.

Mark and Sarah discuss:

  • Building a stable cash flow plan for after retirement to mitigate risk
  • Creating retirement plans that are client oriented and help clients visualize an end goal
  • Investment planning and the importance in creating a diverse portfolio of well managed assets 
  • Passing down your values and your wealth to your family through wealth transfer planning
  • And more

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About Our Guests:

Mark Burns began his financial services career in 1982 and quickly became a widely recognized advisor for Wells Fargo Advisors and its predecessor firms. Mark focuses on investment planning and consulting, in addition to overseeing the asset management process. He spearheads the Synergy Investment Committee which manages client portfolios on discretion using Synergy Strategy Portfolios. Mark believes continuing education enhances Synergy’s advisory services and investment strategies. 

Sarah Zvekan delights in working hand in hand with clients in developing their goals that drive their long-term financial plan. Sarah enjoys helping clients organize their financial life to lessen their burden and stress. She has a high level of proficiency in the financial planning platforms that are used to serve clients and is consistently willing to leverage specialized tools to empower clients to accomplish their goals.


Florida Domicile From a Financial Planning Standpoint – Part 2

While one of the advantages of living in Florida is the lack of an individual state income tax, that’s not the only benefit it provides to its residents!

In the second part of the Florida Domicile series, David Vallieres is joined by Michael Witzke, chair of McDonald Hopkins Estate Planning and Probate Group, and Amanda Dorio, managing attorney at The Dorio Law Firm, PLLC. Together, they dive deep into the asset protection and property tax benefits in Florida and discuss how it can have a significant impact on your financial plan.

You will learn:

  • The fundamental difference between estate tax and inheritance tax
  • How to access the two key asset protection tools in Florida – Homestead Creditor Protection and Tenancy by the Entirety
  • Real-world examples of clients benefitting from Florida Domicile
  • Complications that may arise in the state you’re leaving, and tips to deal with them
  • And more!

Listen now to learn how you can take advantage of the various tax and asset protection advantages offered by the state of Florida!

Resources: Synergy Capital Solutions | David Vallieres | Michael Witzke on LinkedIn | Amanda Dorio on LinkedIn | Email at: hello@synergycapitalsolutions.com


Florida Domicile From a Financial Planning Standpoint

People often consider moving to a different state, whether it’s for a job change, for better weather or simply to live a comfortable life after retirement.

And one of the states in hot demand right now is – Florida!

In this episode, David Vallieres is joined by Mark Burns, CEO at Synergy Capital Solutions. They discuss why so many people are moving to Florida, not just for the warm weather and the social lifestyle, but also for various tax benefits and a better asset protection offered by the state.

You will learn:

  • The key factors you should consider before changing your residency
  • How the lack of a state death tax in Florida can save you thousands of dollars
  • What the Homestead Creditor Protection program is all about – and the potential benefits from an asset protection standpoint
  • The property tax benefits enjoyed by primary residents of Florida
  • Why top wealth advisors and attorneys are setting up their practice in Florida
  • And more!

Tune in to learn why you should consider a Florida domicile, and how the rapidly growing state offers several opportunities for the future!

Resources: Synergy Capital Solutions | David Vallieres | Mark Burns | Email at: hello@synergycapitalsolutions.com


The Synergy Between Financial Planners and Tax Advisors – With Dennis Wolgin

The responsibilities of a tax advisor are no longer limited to a simple income tax return. It’s about consistently making informed decisions throughout the year to optimize your tax picture.

In this episode, David Vallieres is joined by Jordann Andrusiak, and guest Dennis Wolgin, tax consultant at Schlaupitz Madhavan, P.C. Join them as they discuss how financial planners can effectively collaborate with tax advisors to provide greater value to their clients, as the tax filing season approaches.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Synergy Capital Solutions works closely with tax experts to develop highly efficient tax-plans
  • Ways in which secure online portals help you keep your documents organized
  • How to prepare for the very first tax meeting with your advisors
  • Questions that you should ask while hiring a tax advisor – as an individual or a business
  • And more!

Tune in to learn how you can be better prepared to tackle your 2020 taxes during the upcoming tax season!

Resources: Synergy Capital Solutions | David Vallieres | Jordann Andrusiak | Schlaupitz Madhavan, P.C.