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Integrating Social Security Into Your Planning Process With Dr. Jeffrey Allen, CFP®

Having a solid understanding of Social Security is vital to supporting a successful wealth strategy. It helps to have a clear picture of when to start collecting and how much you will be receiving to maximize your benefits and retirement.

In this episode of Your Financial Plan-It, David Vallieres chats with Dr. Jeffrey Allen, CFP®, to discuss the importance of your Social Security and the benefits to integrating it into your planning process.

Dr. Jeffrey discusses:

  • A overview of Social Security
  • The benefits of Social Security
  • What are survivor benefits and how it works
  • And more

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About Our guest:

Jeff entered the financial service industry 15 years ago following his vast experience in the medical industry. Jeff is our team specialist in working with medical practices, closely held corporations and families to provide wealth management solutions. He focuses on developing a coordinated wealth creation and preservation plan to help with investment planning issues often encountered by medical professionals. As a certified physician, Jeff brings a distinct perspective and experience to these client needs.