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2022 Q1 Market Update With Eric Nahat

There is always going to be uncertainty in the market with all the moving parts, not only within the economy but equities and fixed income.

In this episode, David Vallieres chats with Eric Nahat, an advisor and director of the investment committee at Synergy Capital Solutions to provide you with a 2022 quarter one market update. They also share what could lie ahead in the market for the next quarter.

Eric discusses:

  • A quick recap of what’s been happening in the market this year
  • What he is seeing ahead for equities and why diversification is important
  • Why fixed income has had a tough start to the year
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Eric Nahat holds dual roles working on implementation of client investment portfolios and managing client financial planning and asset-management relationships. As Director of the Synergy Investment Committee, Eric consults on the Synergy Strategy Portfolios with a focus on economic analysis and security selection.