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Identifying Cybersecurity Threats With Sarah Khan

Staying up to date on phishing and vishing scams, malware, ransomware, and other computer threats is absolutely necessary to keep your finances and identity safe.

In this episode, David Vallieres talks with Sarah Khan, a chief information security officer at Hightower Advisor LLC, to discuss cybersecurity. Sarah dives into what cyber security is, the different types of cyber fraud to look out for, and shares some essential tips for keeping yourself safe online.

Sarah discusses:

  • What cyber fraud is, and the different techniques scammers are currently using to compromise security for financial accounts and computer systems
  • Some examples of different fraudulent money movement scenarios
  • 12 essential pieces of advice for staying safe online
  • And more


About Our Guest:

Sarah Khan was born and raised in Chicago and is naturally drawn to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at UIC in electrical engineering and then attended Northwestern University for her Master’s degree in computer sciences. Over the past 20 years, Sarah has been focused on technology and security, specifically in financial services, and is currently the Chief Information Security Officer for Hightower Advisors and the Hightower Trust company.