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2023 Q1 Portfolio Process & Market Update with Eric Nahat

When it comes to short-term investing, there are a number of uncertainties that come along with it that may allow for more issues to pop up versus if you take a long-term strategic approach. Sometimes, when going through turmoil, a heads up, as well as a solid financial plan to fall back on, just might be your saving grace to not jump at the chance to pull out based on your fears in the market. 

In this episode, David Vallieres is joined by Eric Nahat to uncover the changes in the market since the beginning of the year, what that means for your portfolio, and how you can go about understanding these changes while looking forward to the third quarter. 

David Vallieres discusses,

  • How we approach investing through understanding the logic and the long-term benefits 
  • Proactive versus reactive investing and how it can benefit your portfolio 
  • How the market can currently be compared to prior shifts in history and how we can use that to determine the onset of where the market is headed 
  • And more

Connect With Eric Nahat:

About Our Guest:

Eric Nahat holds dual roles working on the implementation of client investment portfolios and managing client financial planning and asset management relationships. As Director of the Synergy Investment Committee, Eric consults on the Synergy Strategy Portfolios with a focus on economic analysis and security selection.


Looking Forward into 2023 with Eric Nahat

2022 threw just about every financial disruption it could at us. At this point, nothing should surprise us.

In this episode, David talks to Eric Nahat, Advisor & Director of the Investment Committee at Synergy Capital Solutions. Together they go over the events of the past year and look forward to 2023. They discuss the state of the markets along with what they think the markets will hold in the new year.

David and Eric discuss:

  • How 2022’s markets differ from the financial crisis of 2008
  • Strategies for making smart financial decisions going into 2023
  • The importance of not letting your emotions cloud your judgment
  • And more!

Connect with Eric Nahat:

About our guest:

Eric holds dual roles working on implementation of client investment portfolios and managing client financial planning and asset-management relationships. As Director of the Synergy Investment Committee, Eric consults on the Synergy Strategy Portfolios with a focus on economic analysis and security selection.

Previously, Eric worked for J.P. Morgan Private Bank where he assisted with high-net-worth families and institutions to monitor investment portfolios, model wealth projections, and provide investment solutions for their clients. He holds the Series 7, 63 and 65 licenses as well as Life, Health and Variable Annuities Insurance licenses. He has a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Michigan, where he also earned a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Eric lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He enjoys being involved in the community and spends his free time traveling the world, tasting the newest local cuisine and playing various sports, most notably hockey and golf.


Identifying Cybersecurity Threats With Sarah Khan

Staying up to date on phishing and vishing scams, malware, ransomware, and other computer threats is absolutely necessary to keep your finances and identity safe.

In this episode, David Vallieres talks with Sarah Khan, a chief information security officer at Hightower Advisor LLC, to discuss cybersecurity. Sarah dives into what cyber security is, the different types of cyber fraud to look out for, and shares some essential tips for keeping yourself safe online.

Sarah discusses:

  • What cyber fraud is, and the different techniques scammers are currently using to compromise security for financial accounts and computer systems
  • Some examples of different fraudulent money movement scenarios
  • 12 essential pieces of advice for staying safe online
  • And more


About Our Guest:

Sarah Khan was born and raised in Chicago and is naturally drawn to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. She completed her Bachelor’s degree at UIC in electrical engineering and then attended Northwestern University for her Master’s degree in computer sciences. Over the past 20 years, Sarah has been focused on technology and security, specifically in financial services, and is currently the Chief Information Security Officer for Hightower Advisors and the Hightower Trust company.


Women and Wealth: Finances in Different Stages of Life – With Amanda, Danielle, Denise, and Hannah

Welcome to our Women and Wealth series, where we interview a panel of strong, successful, and financially independent women.

In part one of this series, David Vallieres and Jordann Andrusiak are joined by Amanda Dorio, Danielle Lee, Denise Gergley, and Hannah Haley. With each of them currently in a different stage of life, they share the major expenses they are facing, how they deal with them, and steps they are taking to secure their financial future.

You will learn:

  • Why certain major financial decisions might keep you up at night if you haven’t planned for them
  • How an advisor can help you make informed, data-driven decisions
  • Tips to raise your children to be financially responsible
  • And more!

Tune in to learn how you can navigate the financial complexities at different stages of your life!

Resources: Synergy Capital Solutions | David Vallieres | Jordann Andrusiak | Email at: | Amanda Dorio | Denise Gergley | Hannah Haley | Silver Spoon Kids : How Successful Parents Raise Responsible Children


How Can You Prepare for 2020 Taxes?

Tax Day for your 2020 taxes has returned to April 15th this year, after a year of shifted deadlines and uncertainty with COVID-19. Are you prepared for this tax season? What will be different when it comes to filing your 2020 taxes?

In this episode, David Vallieres is joined by Alex Burns, John McCarron, and Lisa Inman to discuss 2020 taxes and how you can prepare for this upcoming tax season. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Ways you can begin to prepare for the 2020 tax season
  • How the CARES Act will impact your 2020 taxes
  • Whether you should be maxing out your retirement accounts this year
  • How Synergy can help you this tax season — and why it’s imperative to coordinate with your tax professional
  • What you should be asking of your tax professional
  • And more!

Tune in to hear from the Synergy Capital Solutions team to start preparing for the 2020 tax season!

Resources: Synergy Capital Solutions | David Vallieres | Alex Burns | John McCarron


What 2021 Entails for the Financial Markets

After the stock market peaked at the end of 2020, the investing momentum has continued into this new year!

So, are you ready to kickstart 2021? Do you have a robust plan in place?

In this episode, David Vallieres is joined by his fellow investment committee members at Synergy Capital Solutions, Jordann Andrusiak and Eric Nahat. They discuss the key market trends you can expect over the coming months, and how you can adjust your plan to fully harness the opportunities that 2021 has to offer!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The expected recovery trends for the markets going forward
  • How the elections, both at the presidential level and Georgia Senate run-off, affect the markets
  • Ways in which interest rates are expected to influence fixed-income investments
  • Why you should always focus on long-term investment planning
  • And more!

Listen now to learn more about the expected market trends, as further updates about the elections and COVID-19 unfold!

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Analyzing the Economy Amidst COVID-19 – With Guests Mark Burns and Eric Nahat

It’s no secret that COVID-19 caused some big drops in the market, but recently, the rates seem to be picking up.

In this special market update episode of Your Financial-Plan It, David Vallieres is joined by Mark Burns and Eric Nahat to discuss and update you on several market aspects that have been impacted by the pandemic. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How the downward economic trends impacted markets, bonds, and investments 
  • How fiscal government policies supported financial re-opening 
  • How financial plans and emergency funds can ease the recovery process 
  • Some predictions for a possible second COVID-19 wave
  • And more!

Tune in to learn how the economic stimulus can help the markets recover more quickly. 

Resources:  Synergy Capital Solutions


Special Market Update: Is There a Gap Between the Market and the Economy?

In this special episode, David Vallieres is joined again by Jordann Andrusiak, and Eric Nahat team members of Synergy Capital Solutions. Today they are discussing the apparent gap between the US economy and the stock market, and explaining its disconnect.  Also, they will provide some insight into what the Synergy Investment Committee is currently working on and what they are seeing for the future of the market.

Tune in now to be kept up to date and don’t focus too much on the short term, the markets will survive beyond COVID-19.

Resources: Synergy Capital Solutions| David Vallieres on LinkedIn | Jordann Andrusiak on LinkedIn | Eric Nahat on LinkedIn


COVID-19 And The Markets: A Historical Perspective – With Norton E. Stern

The coronavirus pandemic is a unique crisis not only to the medical community but also to the investment community.

But this isn’t the first time an unexpected event has rocked the investment world.  

To help put the current pandemic into perspective, David Vallieres is joined by Norton E. Stern for today’s insight-filled episode. With 50 years of investment experience, Norton shares his experience with past market events and how he’s helped guide investors through the unexpected.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How a plan can help you overcome uncertainty
  • How past events have impacted the global economy 
  • What Norton has learned about the economy over the past 50 years
  • And more!

Join David and Norton now to gain a new perspective on the COVID-19 crisis and our economy!

Resources:  hello@synergycapitalsolutions.comSynergy Capital Solutions | Your Financial Plan-It Podcast


Special Market Update: COVID-19

In this special episode, David Vallieres and returning guest Mark Burns, lead portfolio manager from Synergy Capital Solutions, to share updates on how consumer spending or lack thereof is affecting the markets due to the restrictions imposed because of the COVID-19 situation. From stocks and bonds to groceries, everything is being reassessed and the consumer is deciding what is most important in their life.

Tune in now to learn to hear how great companies are adapting to the new way of commerce.

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