Honoring Women in Finance for International Women’s Month With Sarah Zvekan

Women now control about a third of the world’s wealth and over half of the wealth in the United States. A lot has changed over the years and we want to take the time to recognize the work from generations of women.

In this episode, David Vallieres chats with Sarah Zvekan financial advisor at Synergy Capital Solutions about the importance of women in the financial industry, and the impacts that they have had. Sarah also talks about planning your taxes for charitable giving.

David and Sarah discuss:

  • Her observations as a woman in finance 
  • Women in philanthropy
  • Tax planning for philanthropic and charitable giving
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Sarah Zvekan delights in working hand in hand with clients in developing their goals that drive their long-term financial plan. Sarah enjoys helping clients organize their financial life to lessen their burden and stress. She has a high level of proficiency in the financial planning platforms that are used to serve clients and is consistently willing to leverage specialized tools to empower clients to accomplish their goals.