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Women and Wealth: Planning for Retirement — Part Two With Margie, Pat, and Marla

While preparing for retirement, it’s important to involve your heirs in the financial planning process.

In part four of the Women and Wealth series, David Vallieres and Jordann Andrusiak once again speak with Margie, Pat, and Marla, who share the steps they are taking to prepare their next generations for a healthy financial future. They also candidly discuss their biggest financial wins and how they achieved them.

The guests discuss:

  • Financial planning tips they wish they had known earlier in life
  • The financial freedom and peace of mind that you achieve after working with an advisor
  • Biggest financial pitfalls of their lives and how they overcame them
  • The importance of having a secure document locator while planning your estate
  • And more!

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Economic Trends, Market Updates, and Future Outlook With Eric Nahat

With a continued resurgence of consumer spending in the second quarter of 2021, what does the economy look like moving forward?

In this episode, David Vallieres and Eric Nahat answer this question. They discuss the recent trends in equity markets and fixed income assets, and provide an economic outlook for the later half of 2021 and beyond.

David and Eric discuss:

  • Industry sectors that have experienced the maximum rebound in consumer spending
  • Why we are seeing a shift towards value-oriented companies
  • The impact of anticipated inflation and interest rate changes on fixed income markets
  • The importance of long-term planning instead of “timing the markets”
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Eric holds dual roles working on implementation of client investment portfolios and managing client financial planning and asset-management relationships. As Director of the Synergy Investment Committee, Eric consults on the Synergy Strategy Portfolios with a focus on economic analysis and security selection. With a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Michigan, Eric also holds the Series 7, 63 and 65 licenses as well as Life, Health and Variable Annuities Insurance licenses.