Women and Wealth: Finances in Different Stages of Life Part 2 – With Amanda, Danielle, Denise, and Hannah

Welcome to part 2 of our Women and Wealth series, where we interview a panel of strong, successful, and financially independent women.

In part two of this series, David Vallieres and Jordann Andrusiak are joined by Amanda Dorio, Danielle Lee, Denise Gergley, and Hannah Haley. With each of them currently in a different stage of life, they share what they wish they could’ve told their younger selves regarding finances.

You will learn:

  • How to balance your finances based on your priorities
  • How being concentrated now can help you make better decisions when you’re older
  • Why you need to slow down and put a financial plan in place
  • And more!

Tune in to learn these womens mistakes and how you can avoid them for yourself!

Resources: Synergy Capital Solutions | David Vallieres | Jordann Andrusiak | Email at: hello@synergycapitalsolutions.com | Amanda Dorio | Denise Gergley | Hannah Haley | Silver Spoon Kids : How Successful Parents Raise Responsible Children